The Alchemy of Earning Bitcoin : Stacks

Ömür Çataltepe
2021-04-08 20:42:51

The Alchemy of Earning Bitcoin: Stacks


Bitcoin is rapidly growing. As Bitcoin grows, every satoshi becomes rarer and more valuable. We shouldn’t forget Bitcoin is the king of crypto, the digital gold.

Wouldn’t you want to earn Bitcoin, the digital gold while staking a cryptocurrency? There is more than ordinary staking actually. Because you can earn Bitcoin while stacking Stacks.

I’m starting to see a lot of people are starting staking for earning some coins.

If you are interested in earning Bitcoin, you should stack Stacks.

If you have more than 90k+ STX tokens and don’t know how to stacking, you should look at that page:

How do I participate in Stacking with the Stacks Wallet?

You must have more than 90k+ STX tokens to doing Stacking on your own. That minimum amount is dynamic, so it can change after any cycle. If you have less than 90k+ STX tokens, you can use pool services for Stacking.
Join the Stacks telegram channel to find out which pools you can use for Stacking:


What are the Advantages of Stacking?

Without a doubt, Bitcoin provides a great hedge against inflation. We didn’t forget these words:

“Expected inflation was going up, and Bitcoin was going up as well,” says Chris Brightman of Research Affiliates

Bitcoin is the Pioneer of a Financial Revolution.

In my experience, Stacking is a great opportunity for earning Bitcoin.

If the price of Bitcoin retraces lower but STX doesn’t go lower then Stackers will be earning more Bitcoin. But if Stacks go lower while Bitcoin retracing lower the Stacking rewards yield based on Bitcoin will go lower.

For example, STX was going to increase on BTC parity while Bitcoin was downing on March 4. That means there is an inverse correlation between Bitcoin and Stacks depending on market conditions.

Please check the marked areas on screenshots.

Finally, according to my personal prediction, Stacking will be more popular in the bear market. If the Bitcoin price falls and STX remains stable in usd parity, STX will rise against Bitcoin parity.

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